Petrarca was born in Brooklyn NY and went to high school in Charlotte.  He interned at Gunn Hardaway then attended the NCSU College of Design, receiving a BEDA in 1994 and Bachelors of Architecture in 1999.  He worked for Frank Harmon from 1993 to 2003 and left to start Tonic Design and Tonic Construction with Charles Holden and Heather Washburn.

Tonic became the leading Modernist homebuilder in North Carolina with many design awards. Petrarca now co-owns both firms with architect Katherine Hogan.  All of the houses below were built by Tonic Construction unless otherwise noted.

Tonic Construction unless otherwise noted.

2004 – The Petrarca House, aka Honeymoon Cottage, overlooking Crabtree Creek, 4219 Arbutus Drive, Raleigh. 1700 square feet.  Cost: an amazing $140,000.  The sleek, modern kitchen was constructed for about $1700, using an IKEA cabinet system and concrete and Galvalume steel countertops.  Won an AIANC Award and a SARC Award.  Featured in the November/December 2003 issue of DWELL as well as on the cover of 25 Houses Under 1500 Square Feet.  Photos by James West.

2004 – The David Hill Addition, 2803 Wayland Drive, Raleigh NC.
Designed by David Hill AIA.  Built by Tonic Construction.

2004 – The Rod McCowan House, 222 Tennwood Court, Durham.  This incredible home took four years from start to finish and is one of the Triangle largest examples of Modernist design.  It took so long due to numerous design changes plus squabbles between the architects.  Frank Harmon basically designed the exterior.  Petrarca and Charles Holden, both of whom by then had left Harmon’s firm, did the rest of the project.  Petrarca’s Tonic Construction and Sigmon Construction built it.  Four bedrooms, 6456 square feet, four full bathrooms, two half baths.  Was on the market from 2008-2011.  Sold in February 2011 to Madhu Beriwal who did a restoration designed by Ellen Cassilly.

2006 – The John and Molly Chiles Residence, 4217 Laurel Ridge Drive, Raleigh. 3,800 square feet on 1.83 acres.   Petrarca and Charles Holden designed this unique home on the steel frame of a previous residence left in disrepair for 15 years.  James Franklin Taylor, a product design graduate of the NCSU School of Design, built the original frame and house in the 1970’s with his buddy Ligon Flynn.  Taylor constantly changed things, taking apart whole sections and rebuilding (top photo).  He even had a room like a hovercraft that would “float” around the steel frame.  Most of the time, however, the house was in tarps.  It was constantly under construction from Taylor’s tinkering.  Taylor decided to move to the Bahamas and lived in a Frank Harmon house.  After Taylor’s death, his wife sold the land to the Chiles.  Petrarca did the construction.  Structural Engineer, Richard Kaydos-Daniels.  Second photo by Leilani Carter.  Other photos by James West.

2006 – The John and Molly Chiles Residence, 4217 Laurel Ridge Drive, Raleigh. 3,800 square feet on 1.83 acres.   Petrarca and Charles Holden designed this unique home on the steel frame of a previous residence left in disrepair for 15 years.  James Franklin Taylor, a product design.

2008 – The Todd and Jodie Lanning Residence, 111 Rosecrans Court, Cary.  Built for Petrarca’s sister and brother-in-law.  Photos by James West.  Structural Engineer, Richard Kaydos-Daniels.

2008 – The Doug and Ann Sharpe Renovation, 401 Silver Hill Road, Concord MA.  Built by SD Fitzgerald of Concord.  The principal architect was Heather Washburn. Robby Johnston was a project designer.  A renovation and reorganization of a 1960’s house, bottom photo. Top three photos by Anton Grassl/Esto

2008 –  The Jim Schafer Residence, South Landing Lot #6, Leasburg, NC.  Unbuilt

2009 – The Bobby and Kristi Walters Residence, aka the GREENvilleHOUSE, 2231 Lexington Farms Court, Greenville NC.  4042 total square feet, integrating photovoltaic technology, solar hot water, and geothermal HVAC systems. This is the first LEED Silver Modernist house in North Carolina.  Commissioned 2005.  Features a combination of storefront floor-to-ceiling and aluminum-framed operable and non-operable windows; maple built-ins and cabinets designed by Tonic; maple floors; and ipe decks.  Tonic project manager Robby Johnston made sure all the wood was FSC-certified, which meant educating every subcontractor and supplier.

The house was an Architectural Record Home of the Month and a News and Observer Home of the Month.  Also won a 2010 AIANC COTE Environmental Design Award.  Roof by Pickard Roofing. Structural Engineer, Richard Kaydos-Daniels.  Photos by Todd Lanning, Gravitation Studios.   Part of the TMH Downeast Tour, March 2011.  Won 3rd Place from the Jury in the 2012 George Matsumoto Prize.

2009 – The Michael Rosenberg Residence, a condo at 301 West Barbee Chapel Road, Chapel Hill.
Built by Riley Lewis of Raleigh.  Photos by James West.

2010 – The George Smart and Eleanor Stell Residence, 5409 Pelham Road, Durham, on the lakefront site of an 1960’s ranch (left bottom photo).  2400 square feet.  Ted Arendes was the project archtiect.  Photos by Todd Lanning, Ted Arendes, and George Smart.  Structural Engineer, Richard Kaydos-Daniels.  Won a 2010 AIANC Merit Award.  Won a 2012 AIA Triangle Honor Award.

2010 – The Michael Mezzatesta and Nancy Kitterman Addition/Renovation, 1908 South Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill.  Built by David Ballard. Structural Engineer, Richard Kaydos-Daniels.  The original house (top photo), architect unknown, was built in 1962 for Rhoda Hunter Wynn by Van Thomas of Siler City.

2010 – The C. Scott Mabry Renovation, 2412 Wentworth, Raleigh.  Original house was built in 1977.  Sold to Greg and Lisa Raschke in 2013.

2011 – The Alex Cedeño House, aka the James River House, James River Watch Drive, Richmond VA.  Built by Shearman Associates. Structural Engineer, Richard Kaydos-Daniels.  Photo by John Suddath.  Part of the TMH Modern Richmond Tour 2011.

2011 – The Alex Rosenberg and Martha Reeves Residence, 3020 Wade Road, Durham.
Structural Engineer, Richard Kaydos-Daniels.  Photos by Rocio Luch.

2011 – The John and Stacy Crabill House, aka Crabill Modern, 5204 Margon Place, Hillsborough NC.  Structural Engineer, Richard Kaydos-Daniels.  Part of the TMH Hillsborough Modernist Tour 2011.  Part of the AIA Triangle Tour 2012.

2011 – The Oxner Residence, Seven Devils NC.  Built by Vincent Properties Construction.
Photo by Tonic Design.

2011 – The Jonathan and Ilsy Chappell Residence, 1742 Nottingham, Raleigh.  Photos by Gail Jodon, George Smart. Structural Engineer, Richard Kaydos-Daniels.  Part of the 2012 Modapalooza Tour.

2011 – The Elmar M.  and Christina E. Merkle House, 106 Blue Dog Lane, Durham.  Part of the New American House Durham.  Unbuilt.  Sold in 2013.

2012 – The Simon and Deborah Gregory House, 3422 Randolph Road, Durham

2012 – The Compton’s Pond House, Hilllsborough NC.  Unbuilt.

2014 – The Amy and Sean Ross Renovation, Cameron Park, Raleigh NC.

2014 – The Henry and Janni Cone House, Wake Forest NC.

2014 – The Mark and Lesley Zimmerman House, Orange County NC.

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