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CHARLES U. DEATON (1921-1996)

Deaton was born in Clayton NM.  He did odd jobs to buy clothing and books for high school, and studied commercial art at night. He was supporting himself as a commercial artist by the age of 16. Deaton learned design and engineering during World War II at a Lockheed plant in California and, after the war, started designing mostly commercial buildings without a formal education in architecture. His projects include the Wyoming National Bank in Casper and the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex in Kansas City.  The "Sleeper" house below is his only known residential design.  Here's one of his commercial projects, the Colonial Bank in Englewood CO.

1966 - The Charles Deaton House, 855 Visionary Trail, near Golden CO on Genessee Mountain. Built by Clifford Dellzell.  The architectural marvel was featured in Woody Allen's 1973 film, Sleeper. Deaton never lived there, and he never finished the interior.  He sold it to Larry Polhill in 1993 for $800,000. 

The house was bought in 1999 by software millionaire John Huggins for $1.3 million. He put several more million dollars of repairs into the building and added 5,000 square feet. Huggins enlisted the help of Deaton's daughter Charley to renovate the interior and her husband, architect Nick Antonopoulos, to build the addition.

In July 2006, Michael Dunahay (shown above, left) slept one night at the house and knew it was meant for him. “I was amazed that nobody had bought it. Now, I am inspired every day while living here,” he said. Dunahay paid $3,425,000 and became the first full-time resident since 1965.  In 2010, he defaulted on the loan and the house went into foreclosure and was sold to John Dilday.  Sold to Larry and Toni Winkler.