1968 - The Joseph Sedacca Residence, 19 Northwest Landing Road, Northwest Harbor NY.  1100 square feet on three acres.  Built by John Caramagna.  Won a 1968 AIA NY Honor Award.  Sold by Sedacca to Paul A. Amador in 1993.  For sale in 2015.


1968 - The Roger and Nina Straus III Residence, 5 Stone Bridge Road, renamed from 3558 Purchase Street, Purchase NY.  6566 sf.  Designed with Richard Henderson.  Won a 1968 AIA National Honor Award.  Featured as an Architectural Record House of 1968.  Sold by Nina Straus in 2007 to Sarosca Farm Estates LLC. 


1969 - The Jack D. and Barbara Weiss Goldberg Residence, 119 Wyneding Hill Road, Manchester CT.  2367 sf.  Was an Architectural Record House in 1969.  Featured in the New York Times in 1969.  Mrs. Goldberg remarried; she passed away in 2010.  Transferred to her husband, Robert P. Tucker.





1969 - The Kenneth Cooper House, 35 Bufflehead Lane, Orleans MA.  Designed with Richard Henderson and Robert Siegel.  Top left photo by Bill Maris.  1263 sf.  Commissioned 1968.  Built by Anderson and Murray.  Featured in Architectural Record Houses of 1970.  Sold in 2003 to Williams and Dorothy Carr.


Around 1970 - The Richard Lawrence House, Kings Point NY.  Designed with Richard Henderson and Robert Siegel.   Does not appear on any Gwathmey lists but does appear on a 1971 Gwathmey and Siegel resume.  Needs verification.





1970 - The Loring Mandel House, 117 Bay Avenue, Huntington Bay NY.  Commissioned 1969.  Designed with Richard Henderson.  Does not appear in most Gwathmey lists.  Featured as a 1972 Architectural Record House with credit going only to Henderson.  It appears that when Henderson left the partnership in 1970, it was agreed this house would be "his."  Sold in 2001 to Alyson Richman and Stephen Gordon.  Sold in 2007 to Agustin Ruiz De Arcaute Diaz De Entre-Sotos.