John Edward Lautner was born in Marquette, Michigan, in 1911. He had a combined heritage of Austrian and Irish descent. He initially enrolled at the University of Michigan but dropped out rapidly after starting his research. In 1901, he was assigned the head of French and German at the cunewlyounded Marquette Northern State Normal School, now called Northern Michigan University. Afterward, he pursued a profession in coaching. Lautner’s mom, Vida Cathleen, was an interior designer and painter.

John Edward Lautner married Elizabeth, but his wife died in 1978. In 1982, Lautner married her caretaker, Francesca Hernandez.

Throughout his profession, John Lautner designed more than 200 architectural tasks. However, many designs for additional massive homes had yet to be completed. While his domestic commissions have dominated his extant artwork.

With just a few exceptions (along with the Arango Residence in Acapulco, the Turner House in Aspen, Colorado, the Harpel House #2 in Anchorage, Alaska, and the Ernest Lautner house in Pensacola, Florida), almost all of Lautner’s remaining homes are placed in California, generally in and around Los Angeles.

According to Wikipedia, the biography was adapted.

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