Alden Ball Dow, FAIA (1904-1983)

Alden Ball Dow, a Midland, Michigan-based architect, was born on 10th April 1904. He was known for the Michigan Modern House Style. He constructed and developed more than 70 residences and various churches, schools, commercial buildings, and art centers in his lifetime.

Alden Ball Dow designed house
designed house

Alden Ball Dow attended Midland Public School and then studied engineering at the University of Michigan. He then joined his father’s company, but after three years, he entered Columbia University as an architecture student. In 1931, he graduated from the university.

Alden Designed House
Alden Ball Dow Modern House
Alden B. Dow designed house

In 1934, Dow opened his own studio in Midland. Later, in 1941, he started an architect business named Alden B. Dow, Inc. At the 1937 Paris International Exposition, he received the Diplome de Grand Prix for the best residential design in the world.

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